Suisun Valley Fruit Growers is second to none when it comes to Vineyard and Orchard supplies.

What we don’t stock normally can be ordered with short lead times.

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  • Pruning Supplies
    • Felco, Corona, Vaca and Hitchcock shears
    • Repair parts for all shears
    • Binder twine, tree rope, bailing wire, picking pails, trays and bags
    • Planting takes, fruit sizing rings
    • Ladders, pruning tools, saws, shears
    • Water coolers, paper cups and dispensers
    • Truck rope, knives, chalk and more
  • Trellising
    • Steel end posts, lodge poles, wooden grape stakes, T-posts
    • Vertical line posts, cross arms
    • Open lyres, U-bolts, wire clips, wire, rebar, pencil rod
  • Supplies
    • Tie tape, bull rope, sash cord
    • Picking trays, Macro bins
    • Knives, crimp sleeves, gripples
    • Water coolers, ice chests
    • Truck rope, grow tubes, torpedoes, wire vice and deer fencing
  • Tools
    • HFR tapners and parts, TPP tapners
    • Staples, crimp tools, gripple tools, stake pounders and wire stretchers